Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Charity event and open evening

Last Thursday evening, the trainee teacher in some of my lessons asked me if I and any of my classmates would be willing to help her with raising money for a charity she's working with. I agreed and so on Friday she presented her project to the class; a few people signed on and so today, two of my class mates and I helped the trainee out for over a couple of hours. We raised between £40 and £50 for the charity, which meant the event was a success and we intend to hold another session tomorrow.

In the late afternoon/early evening, I helped out with an open evening my college was holding. As a Student Ambassador, one of my tasks is to help out at such promotional events when possible. My main task, along with the other two Ambassadors who were present, was to direct people to the gym (where information desks were situated) or to the photography building on the campus; I also spoke to people while guiding them, either about how they came across my college and/or about my experiences as to help them decide whether or not to apply.

The open evening was highly successful; we experienced a high turnout and near the end of the event, I had a fifteen-minute talk with a potential student who wanted to study the course I'm on now. One of my teachers had recommended they speak to me and I think I represented my college and course beyond sufficiently. My performance was praised by members of staff who organised the event, with one remarking that I had been "lovely".


  1. Look at all the good stuff you're doing lately! Awesome job!