Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Moving to Canada

No, I don't mean me and I apologize profusely if I scared anyone into thinking that I'm moving to Canada! Nope, I'm not traveling to Canada anytime soon, let alone moving there.

What I'm referring to are the predictable people who say they're going to move to Canada if their preferred candidate in a United States presidential election fails to win. This has gone on for so long that it honestly isn't funny anymore.

Why? Because in reality, it's an empty threat: most Americans do not move to Canada if their political team doesn't win an election. In addition, I think it's petty because the best way to ensure that your team does win is to remain in the United States, convince people to vote for your side and also remember to participate in elections yourself. Quitting the country doesn't achieve anything.


  1. You know where I want to move to. :D Though, I have wanted to move for a long time and it's not because of the election...

  2. I like hearing American conservatives say they'll leave the US over Obamacare and go to a country with universal health insurance which is in every decent country in the world.