Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Experience Day

Today, my college held its Experience Day. The Experience Day was an open event in which the public could come an visit the college to learn about what the place has to offer. If people so desired, they could also apply for courses on the spot. As I'm a Student Ambassador, this is the sort of event that I could provide assistance to.

I acted as a guide in that I was positioned between the corridors intersecting reception, the library and a set of stairs down to the gym. I would help direct groups to the library and once they'd finished attending a presentation in there, I would then point them down towards the gym, where course information was located. I also acted as a sort of greeter and as someone people could approach for certain advice; even some staff from other campuses asked me for help and staff native to my campus praised my performance.

The recorded figure for public attendance to the day was from 250-300, to possibly a little higher than that. Overall, today was a highly successful day for my college.

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