Sunday, 24 July 2016

Asked to buy in the store

A few hours ago, during a pause in my walk while outside a grocery store, I was approached by two teenage boys. One of them asked me if I would go into the stop for him; I asked why and he said "to get something for [him]". I flat out told him no and he said okay and walked off with his friend.

By "something", it was obvious to me that he wanted me to buy him alcohol and/or cigarettes. I only very rarely buy alcohol for myself, and that's usually in a social setting, and anything to do with smoking I do not buy at all, and in both cases I certainly would not buy them for someone underage. Somebody else might do it for him but no, I wouldn't. My only possible regret is perhaps not warning them of the dangers of what they were doing but perhaps that wasn't my place - I don't know.

There is, of course, the remote chance he wanted me to buy contraception for him, as he might have been too embarrassed to have bought condoms himself, but I seriously doubt that was the case.

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