Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Bernie Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

This evening, I watched the speech that 2016 presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders gave yesterday at the Democratic National Convention. Granted, I am a Sanders supporter and am biased in his favor but yes, I thought he gave a great speech.

Sanders received some criticism for making the initial part of his speech about him but to be honest, I think it was necessary for him to thank his supporters, both because of his genuine appreciation for them and because he needs to bring them on board to back Hillary Clinton. He was also able to tie in his campaign's achievements with what Clinton and Democratic Party itself now both support thanks to him and his supporters, such as creating a living wage, a new Glass-Steagall Act and greater healthcare for all Americans.

The most chilling part of Sanders' speech was when he mentioned the Supreme Court. As he said, Clinton nominees would protect the rights of women (especially their reproductive rights), minorities and voters, among other groups; by contrast, the nominees that Donald Trump would likely nominate would strike down rulings that protect these groups and others.

It was noted that Sanders' supporters in the audience booed every time Clinton's name was mentioned but I don't know if I was being inobservant because all I heard was them booing whenever Trump's name or the Republicans were mentioned. Clinton herself seemed to draw applause from the whole audience.

Yes, I'm happy with Sanders' speech. It was mostly positive but it also warned people about the serious dangers the nation faces if it elects Trump as its president. I now look forward to hearing the speech that Hillary Clinton herself will give on Thursday.


  1. I'm glad he's working with Clinton. The Bernie or Bust movement is ridiculous. Bernie will sadly never be president, and that Jill Stein lady will never ever ever be president. A vote for anyone but Clinton is a vote for Trump.

    The movement seems to be hard to quell. Even with Bernie's support, there's many that are still delusional.

    1. To be fair, I think the "Bernie or Bust" lot are overblown; current evidence suggests that the overwhelming majority of Bernie supporters (90%) will vote for Clinton. Those who don't were never going to vote for her to begin with.