Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another Rutland Water visit (2)

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's trip to Rutland Water:

Some sheep eating near the shore of the lake. A group of the sheep tried to obtain food from me and my parents; they bleated in disapproval when we merely walked past them!

These two swans are at the dam end of Rutland Water. We weren't sure what they were doing: it looked as though they were guarding a nest but a few minutes after this picture was taken both swans had moved away. Perhaps it was a comfortable spot.

This is Empingham, a small and peaceful-looking town near the dam end of Rutland Water. It's not a big place; it's home to under 1,000 people. The tower on the right is Saint Peter's Parish Church.

A view of Rutland Water from the dam side. The picture is slightly slanted but a good shot overall; I was annoyed that I took an excess of slanted pictures on this visit.

A ewe quietly chewing. I love the expression on her looks as though she's laughing!

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