Friday, 17 May 2013

"Final Warning" - Skylar Grey

I have written two previous articles on Skylar Grey/Holly Brook: one in October 2011 and the other in October 2012. In the first post, I wrote about her then-new single "Invisible" and her upcoming second album, which was expected to be titled Invinsible; in the 2012 post, I mainly wrote about Fort Minor but I also expressed some disappointment that her second album had still not been released.

I now have updated information about Grey's new music. Her next single, "Final Warning", was released on April 16 and its video was released on May 13. Invinsible has been renamed to Don't Look Down and is expected to come out on July 9; however, I would not be surprised if the date is pushed back again, but this time I'm hoping it'll be the real McCoy. After all, it's been over seven years since Like Blood Like Honey was released.

For now, we can enjoy "Final Warning":

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