Friday, 31 May 2013

Bloggers Blog Party - week #1

My friend and fellow blogger Stephanie is holding the Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party and invited me to participate. The goal of the Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party is for bloggers to take a picture of something each day of their lives and post their pictures every Friday; by doing this, it gives our readers a little more insight into our lives. According to the picture Stephanie has on her post, the party will begin today and end on the 28th of June.

The party is geared towards people who write niche blogs, but my mine isn't a niche blog and already contains an abundance of pictures; in addition, I maintain a privacy policy, which already limits my photography and will present a challenge for my participation in the party. However, I welcome this opportunity and I am honoured that Stephanie invited me. Thank you, Stephanie!

Now, seven of my pictures from the last week, including today; I used my phone and my main camera for these photographs:

Saturday, 25th May: My radio. I took this picture to represent my disbelief that "Who's On Heart" 2013 was over, as the 25th was when I learnt that the third voice had been identified. I had to hurry to obtain the necessary pieces of information for my blog post that day so I could cover the end of the competition!

Sunday, 26th May: My family had Stilton cheese and crackers for lunch over the weekend. For Christmas, Dad receives a wheel of Stilton and we eat a quarter of it over a few days every few months; this is an activity we carried over from the United States rather than started here — we could purchase Stilton back in Southern Oregon, including wheels of it.

Monday, 27th May: Cow parsley in the park closest to our home; this was taken to express my shock at the height of these plants in this location...I had never seen so much growth in this particular park before! The park often becomes overgrown but not usually to this extent; the cow parsley has grown since. I crouched to take this picture so I could obtain a grass-level view

Tuesday, 28th May: I took this picture of water on the window that morning because I was surprised to see that it had rained during the night. Dad and I were going to Nottingham that day and I was looking forward to taking some walks up there; needless to say, the weather prevented me from taking any walks and we were stuck inside either a building or a car all day.

Wednesday, 29th May: A cheese and onion bread, which was produced in our bread maker. The bread's pleasant aroma filled the house and it was served alongside the chicken and sausage casserole we had for dinner that night. The bread was the freshest part of our meal — the casserole was composed of leftovers.

Thursday, 30th May: I spent a significant amount of time yesterday working out how to update the firmware on my phone. With my phone being a Hong Kong import it cannot automatically use UK-based updates; this problem was something I had anticipated after I had bought the phone but it is not a big deal. This is the USB cable for my phone and the picture represents my (minor) frustration.

Friday, 31st May: At first I was reluctant to document a third food-related event (and a second one about bread) but today hasn't been a particularly exciting day. This is a stack of lightly-toasted bread slices; my mother discovered that it's a little easier to grind up bread in her blender for crumbs if the bread has been slightly toasted beforehand. We're having homemade burgers for dinner tomorrow and bread crumbs are necessary to make them.

That's week #1 of the Bloggers Blog Party complete; I enjoyed taking these pictures and am looking forward to doing it again for the next seven days! Finally, as it was her idea, here is a link to Stephanie's first week of the party.


  1. Neat pictures. :) I hope I did mine right. :\

  2. I've done two month-long photo-a-day projects and really felt challenged by them! it was fun to try to interpret "spoon" or "blue" in a creative way :)