Sunday, 21 May 2017

No, it isn't a form of racism

Imagine this exchange:

Person A: *says something racist*

Person B: "What you've just said is racist because xyz. Please withdraw your comment and apologise."

Person A: "I said nothing're the racist for calling me racist!"

Somehow, the trolls have secured the narrative that if you accuse a person of being racist, you're the racist, not them, the argument being that calling out racism is a form of racism in itself. This is how racists are justifying their racism - that it doesn't matter what they say...anyone who calls them out is the problem. It's a deflection and a derailment tactic both in one package.


  1. I've had someone call me a race traitor before. They said I hated white people. Right-wingers need mental help

    1. I've been told I hate men for speaking up about women!