Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Media practical upload and dancing

In today's Media workshop, I uploaded for grading my edit of the film my group has produced. Before activating the upload, my tutor/lecturer guided me with what needed to be done and then, just like that, my edit was sent to the server.

After the past few days, this is the sort of boost I needed, as it means that for that Media module, all I have to complete now is the written part, which consists of the production log and an analysis of the recording. My goal is on or by Friday to have this module and my American literature one both complete, which means Literary Foundations and Understanding Media & Culture will be all that's left for this academic year.

Besides an academic victory today, I attended my penultimate Latin dance session of the year. The only people in attendance were two of the organisers, the two teachers, another student and me, which makes it the lowest-attended session so far. This was my best performance yet, it terms of my dancing, and I had a chance to dance with one of the teachers (I danced with the other last week).

In all, a productive day!

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