Monday, 15 May 2017

Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory

Tin-foil hat-wearing conspiracy imbeciles are back, this time re-peddling the absurdity that Avril Lavigne has been dead since 2003 and that an impersonator has been her ever since:

The trolls cite "evidence" such as changes in her appearance and handwriting as proof that post-2003 Avril Lavigne is an impersonator. Evidently, the trolls have never heard of make-up, ageing or handwriting practice.

To any sensible person, this conspiracy theory is utter nonsense but, as with other conspiracy theories, there are those willing to believe it.


  1. Plot twist, Avril Lavinge is Snoke

  2. I used to have a comic of the members of Good Charlotte beating Avril to death with a stick. I never knew that this was a conspiracy. :O How bizarre.