Thursday, 18 May 2017

A move out

In a little over two months' time, I will temporarily be moving out of my accommodation for the end of July, all of August and much of September, as the contract runs from September to July. As such, I have slowly been taking stuff out of here for storage at my mother and brother's house.

My unneeded and less-used items are those that have been going first. I think one of the next items will be my crock pot/slow cooker; sadly, while it would have been a great money saver, using it is next to impossible given that there is no space in the kitchen for it and using it in my bedroom is impractical. A shame, really; I doubt I'll be bringing it back next academic year.

I will be living in on-campus accommodation again from 2017-2018. I booked my place months ago.

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