Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The alternate seminar

The seminar for my main English module was moved to a Tuesday last week and today, my seminar tutor spent the second of two days away from the university. As a result, my seminar group had to find other seminars to attend in the place of our usual tutor being away.

I attended one at 11:00; this seminar group recently had a tutor change and said tutor is herself new to the university. Not only that but the friend of mine from Access who is on the English side of my course was in this group, too, although he was there because it was his native group and not because he had to find another seminar for this week.

The choice I made to attend today's 11:00 seminar was a good one. The tutor herself was highly pleasant and I was with a deeply engaged group. The tutor mentioned about me swapping groups and as tempting as that is, I am loyal to my native group and tutor. Nevertheless, I took her comment as a compliment.

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