Monday, 13 February 2017

An early incentive

As part of being an academic rep at NTU, I am required to attend at least one meeting held by the students' union; this evening, I attended one of these meetings. Now, I'd go whether required to or not but one incentive for this particular meeting was free pizza. When I was at Central, I was known for being punctual; as a result, I arrived at the meeting ten minutes early, both to keep up that reputation and to obtain a decent seat.

When I arrived, the venue was packed and the free pizza was pretty much gone. The prospect of free food appears to be something that can cause others to defeat me at punctuality. I think I should have arrived twenty minutes earlier if I'd wanted pizza and to have obtained a good seat; in the case of the latter, I sat next to a rep I'd met at another meeting, so it wasn't a loss at all.

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