Monday, 20 February 2017

"T2 Trainspotting"

A friend and I recently went to watch T2 Trainspotting, the sequel to Trainspotting, which was released back in 1996. Dad, my brother and I watched Trainspotting many years ago and it was, if I recall correctly, amongst Dad's favourite films; the soundtrack was certainly an aspect that he loved, anyway. I never expected a sequel to ever be released but my friend and I agreed we'd go see it, given our mutual appreciation for the original.

While I was excited about the film, a part of me was concerned that T2 Trainspotting would not hold up well to the original, as is common with sequels. However, I was highly pleased and relieved when I enjoyed T2 Trainspotting as much as I recall enjoying Trainspotting itself. Seeing the consequences of the first film bare themselves out 20 years later in the second turned out to be a fantastic plot; I was impressed.

I do think that Dad would have enjoyed the film if he'd still been around. There was nothing in it that he would have considered "tacky" and the humour between the two movies held up well. He would have liked it, I am sure.

And speaking of the soundtrack, here is the Creative Commission version of a song associated with Trainspotting, "Born Slippy .NUXX" by Underworld:

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