Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Surprise game win redux

To follow up on my post about my surprise second-place score in an Easter Egg "mini-game" within the phone game Designer City, this evening I received my reward.

This was the image I sent to Sphere Game Studios, the developer, as evidence of my score:

They responded that I hadn't won but that I was second place and would be receiving a "tiny bag of gold". At this time, I was the highest scorer on the leaderboard.

That "tiny bag of gold" consisted of 150 in-game gold bars, which I can use to expand my city. My city already generates gold bars but it takes a couple of days or so to obtain 150.

As an aside, my intent was to use my phablet to take its own screenshots but instead I had to use my S3 to photograph it to keep these records. A little crude but the job was still completed.

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