Monday, 21 December 2015

"Strictly Come Dancing" result 2015

To follow up on my recent post about Anita Rani and Strictly Come Dancing, the season finale of the show occurred last Saturday and the winner was Jay McGuinness, who was a member of a band called The Wanted. While in the final his position in the leaderboard was third, with 110 points, he won the competition because the public voted for him.

Naturally, I found the result unsatisfying, given my initial desire for Anita Rani to win and after her loss, my decision to want Kellie Bright to win. In fact, Bright held the top position in the leaderboard with 119 points (one short of the perfect 120 Caroline Flack achieved last year); however, the public vote is what decides the competition, not the judges' scores, so well done to McGuinness for winning.

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