Sunday, 6 December 2015

Jimmy Carter victorious

Back in August, former US President Jimmy Carter announced that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer and that the cancer had spread around his body. The prognosis for him appeared poor, given his age and the extent of the cancer.

Well, last month he said that his response to the treatment was going well and today he declared that the brain cancer is "gone". Carter has done it: he has defeated brain cancer. Even with the resources at his disposal being a former president, defeating cancer at 91-years-old is a tremendous feat.

Congratulations, Jimmy Carter; this is excellent news!


  1. I heard the news earlier today, I was very happy for him. His presidency may not have been the greatest (but not as bad as Republicans make it out to be) but he may be the president with the purest heart.

    1. I think that Jimmy Carter is a wonderful human being, whose post-presidency has set such a high bar that it will be difficult for any future former president to match it.

      And you're right, his presidency was nowhere bad as it's reported to be.