Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Northampton visit December 2015

I travelled to Northampton this morning on the bus to visit a friend. I photographed a few places while out:

This is near the centre of a town along the route. I had anticipated a driver changeover at this point but there was none here nor later on the journey.

This is an unknown and unfamiliar (to me) street and shopping row within Northampton. There were some familiar parts of Northampton when my friend drove me around later but on the bus, I did not recognise anything.

This is the North Gate bus station. It opened in early 2014 to replace the old Greyfriars bus station, which was demolished earlier this year. My bus did not park in its intended bay because another bus was already there; instead, it parked around the side.


  1. Nice pictures! I really have to visit!

    1. Thanks, Jessica. :) I'd hoped to take more within Northampton but I wasn't in the centre for long.