Friday, 25 December 2015

Bloggers Blog Party - November 2015

Thought it best to create November 2015's Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party post a few days before the end of the month rather than at the last minute:

Sunday 1st November: On my way back to Nottingham after the first half-term, I photographed this sweeping view of foggy landscape in Leicestershire. Thick fog covered South Nottinghamshire itself that evening.

Monday 2nd November: The left row of ceiling lights on this Villager 1 bus have fallen into the habit of flickering out at a certain point of my return journey. This became a source of discussion between the "Charity Night Lady" and me, and has contributed to our newfound friendship.

Sunday 8th November: At twenty minutes past midnight on this day, I found these jigsaw pieces on the ground. I'm not sure which will appear more strange: the jigsaw pieces or my being out past midnight.

Tuesday 10th November: Just a random fall day on Maid Marian Way.

Wednesday 11th November: My friend and fellow blogger Jessica sent me a Grumpy-cat themed card and an attached picture of the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia for my birthday. Thanks, Jessica!

Sunday 15th November: This is a souvenir I was given when I attended an open event at Nottingham Trent University on the previous day.

Also on the 15th, this was the day when I rode Red Arrow to Derby. I took this picture when my Red Arrow was pulling into the bus station.

Friday 20th November: A new food court, which features several new restaurants, opened up in the Victoria Centre. The building has undergone various construction projects over the past year, from what I have observed.

Sunday 23rd November: My grandfather burnt his steamer by accident. He has since cleaned it.

Saturday 28th November: A huge fleet of pigeons amassed near the Victoria Centre bus station. I am unsure as to why they chose this place to gather; there weren't any obvious food or heat sources nearby - it appeared as though they randomly picked the spot. Only they know!

Sunday 29th November: On the day of the class re-union/gathering for my English teacher/celebration of my 25th birthday, one of my classmates, who is also a close friend, had this lovely surprise for me - a homemade chocolate cake! The cake was pleasing in both its aesthetics and flavour - a definite culinary masterpiece.


  1. That cake looks awesome and so good! November looks like it was an awesome month. :)

    1. Oh, it was indeed an awesome cake. :) November was okay!