Sunday, 10 February 2013

The microwave time

A short power outage occurred yesterday morning; for the most part the electronics in the house were unaffected, but a couple of devices with manual clocks had to be reset. One such device was the microwave, which, thanks to the outage, is now synchronised with the oven clock. Strange as it may seem, I've found this incredibly annoying.

Our microwave, for whatever reason, gains time over the course of a month, topping out at around ten minutes ahead of the actual time. The scarceness of power losses United Kingdom combined with the lack of a need to unplug the microwave has resulted in me becoming used to subtracting ten minutes whenever I look at the microwave clock. Now when I'm in the kitchen I have to check the oven clock because I can't trust the microwave...even though the latter is currently correct!

Ah well, it's one of those small, silly things that makes life more interesting. It won't be long before the microwave is back on its "correct" time.

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