Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tall women redux

This morning, I heard another interesting radio segment: it was about taller women and shorter men, which, of course, I wrote about a couple of days ago.

I didn't catch the whole programme, but the parts I did hear were interesting. There was a guy on it who said that he didn't date women taller than him, and his rationale was the same as the two I railed against in my original post on this subject: he found tall women "intimidating" and they "made him feel less manly". Throughout that part of the programme, I thought "please don't say them, please don't say them!"...and he did. I sighed and facepalmed.

Two other worthwhile parts were when a woman talked about her relationship with a man significantly taller than her...by fourteen inches. Her source of discomfort came from believing that other people would assume they were father and daughter rather than a couple; however, she never mentioned her age or that of her boyfriend. The other part touched upon one of the footnotes in my previous post: a couple of tall women who were interviewed stated that they would not date men who were shorter than them.

I didn't learn anything particularly different from what I already knew; what I found more surprising was hearing a man use the rationales I regarded as sexist so soon after I made my argument. However, considering that I felt it necessary to write about this the other day, I shouldn't have been surprised.


  1. I would be VERY surprised if the woman concerned with father/daughter issues wasn't also significantly younger than her boyfriend...

    1. Me too; people would easily be able to tell if they were a couple if they were both of similar ages.