Saturday, 2 February 2013

"Oh, Missing Pair of Jeans"

Oh, missing pair of jeans,
 just where have you gone?
We used to be a team,
now we've been apart too long!

I used to feel serene,
now I feel distraught.
It makes me want to scream
"Has it all just been for nought?"
 Perhaps you have been taken
 without your own volition.
If you didn't leave me forsaken,
your return is now my mission!

Oh, missing pair of jeans,
please return to me
I pine for your seams;
all that makes you be!

Oh, Missing Pair of Jeans was inspired by my brother, who has had a pair of his jeans missing for several months and has been annoyed about it somewhat. I thought about turning the situation into a Short Story, but a simple rhyming poem seemed more appropriate. He's not obsessing over them, though!

Is the meaning clear, or is poety more open to interpretation? I very rarely write poetry so let me know what you think!


  1. I love it! It reminds me of a poem I wrote four years ago about a flannel shirt.

    I had to write a poem in response to "Power" by Audre Lourde. Let me know what you think:

    Response to Audre Lourde’s Power

    The gun naysayers say,
    as you lift and cock the gun
    to blow that motherfucker away:
    poetry and rhetoric are not one,
    rhetoric kills, the people on Capitol Hill;
    could care less about your freedom,
    or so the protesters say while they kill,
    forgetting the losses of life, see them,
    a no win situation, loss after loss,
    but you said it yourself, miss Lourde,
    it’s not the poetry, but the rhetoric’s boss,
    that with “normal” civilians the chord
    is struck, while criminals on the streets
    grab gun after gun to prove a point—
    it’s not the guns that kill,
    but the fighting and disjoint
    wanting to ban the 2nd bill;
    but in the rhetoric we are lost,
    and at what cost?

    1. Thanks, Jessica. :)

      I'll reply about the poem in an e-mail later. :)