Friday, 20 January 2017

That day has arrived...

And it's happened, Hillary Clinton's election opponent has been sworn in as President of the United States. No, I did not watch the inauguration nor do I want to see any footage from it. Somebody who should never have been president is now president - and we now have to hope that his damage will be limited in scope as much as possible.

President Obama is a far more graceful man than anyone takes him for. For every year Obama was president, the person who resides in the Oval Office now spent that time spouting birther nonsense and other garbage. During the 2012 election as the early results came through and Obama won despite appearing to lose the popular vote, the shouldn't-be-Commander-in-Chief whined about the Electoral College - and the Electoral College ended up being how he won! How President Obama was able to keep a calm front during that transition, no one will ever know.

Clinton was slammed for being "corrupt" and "a liar". The new president has proved several times over to be both and yet his supporters don't seem to care. This is a sad day for America and, indeed, for the world.


  1. We could be dying of nuclear war and the deplorables be like "her...her...emails"