Friday, 6 January 2017

Gone for two years

Dad has been dead for two years, as of today. I went over to visit Mum and James yesterday rather than today, whereas this afternoon I worked a little on my upcoming projects for the next university term. This is what I said about Dad elsewhere:

"Exactly two years have now passed since Dad's sudden death. While there's so much to tell him if it were possible, many a times it's small things that I want to talk about. The other day, I was watching a cartoon that he, my brother and I have all seen loads of times (ReBoot); in it, I observed a tiny detail that I hadn't noticed before. If he'd still been here, I would have told him about it, he'd likely have been fascinated and we'd have watched a relevant clip so that he'd spot it, too. 

Alas, the days of these particular tiny pleasures are no longer. Still, new ones can be formed while the old ones with Dad can be remembered fondly.


  1. My dad has been gone for over twenty now. I don't remember the day he died though so it doesn't sting as bad. I was only 7 so the death anniversary never stuck with me.

    But it gets better with time.

    1. It's sad your father has missed everything in your life since. So much has happened for you.

  2. ::hug::

    Time may ease things, but it never gets "normal." It'll be four years since Nan died on January 25 and I still miss her terribly.