Friday, 13 January 2017

"...but Hillary!" (2)

I wasn't quite expecting to write about this so soon but this happened:

The president-elect is, once again, attacking Hillary Clinton. How his voters can still support him is simply...mind numbing. Even if one were to discount all the awful things he said and did during the election, and to discount his appalling cabinet choices, this behavior alone should be disqualifying.

If this were a movie or television, it might be funny but in less than a week this individual will be President of the United States.


  1. Deplorables won't care what he does or doesn't do. He's not black or a democrat so he's their hero

  2. It often baffles me too, Andrew. My mom isn't a registered voter, but she has been saying people should just accept he is our president and there is not much we can do to change it. I agree to an extent... but I do hope he and Pence do get impeached. I think Pence is scarier than Trump...

    1. While it may not be easy to remove them, opposing them at every turn is what people need to do. Garbage like anti-LGBT legislation must not be allowed to pass. Ever.