Monday, 23 January 2017

New term, new changes (2)

Back when the new term began, I mentioned that one of my two Media modules would be changing. It was revealed two weeks ago that one of two choices available for what path we wanted to take on the module was a research project; today, the other option was discussed in the lecture.

This other option? A practice piece, in which students work in groups to produce a 1-3 minute long and poem-inspired clip. It does involve working with various forms of recording equipment and editing software, as well as creating a portfolio of the created work.

Prior to today's lecture, I had decided on the research piece but now I am leaning towards the practice option. Producing a media clip is something I haven't done before and it would be more interesting to do that than another written assignment. Also, the practice option allows access to practical work in the second and third years, which I would likely be barred from if I were to go along with the research choice.

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