Monday, 9 January 2017

New term, new changes

The second term began today and while it picked up from where the last term ended, there was a difference in the scheduled classes: In the place of the usual Media seminar I have on Monday mornings it was a short tutorial to have a chat with the lecturer about the "class test" we have to do next week. Two others from my seminar group and I were there early and were finished before the official time began, which gave us a full hour to do something else.

This particular Media subject will be changing in the coming weeks, as people taking it will either be able to choose a research project, as was revealed today, or continue the module in another manner, which will be revealed next Monday after the test. Obviously, I don't have enough information to choose at this time.

All my other sessions progressed as usual. It's good to be back but, as I told friends, I haven't really been away, as I've been living on the campus without leaving.

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