Friday, 2 September 2016

The receptionists' commendation

My last action at Central was to fill in a form to recommend a commendation for the receptionists. I spent somewhere around ten and fifteen minutes writing up a lengthy piece about why the receptionists should be commended for their work.

Unfortunately, I learned in the past few weeks after e-mailing reception that they had not received any commendation; they helpfully directed me to the Quality team if I wanted to follow up on it, which I did. The Quality department informed me that they had never received my form, hence why they never issued any commendations; however, they asked if I would be willing to submit a new piece for them.

As a result, I rewrote my list of reasons in an e-mail and sent it off to the Quality department. Last week, I received a letter informing me that the receptionists would receive a commendation and today, the receptionists e-mailed me to say that they had indeed received it and thanked me.

Naturally, I am delighted. The receptionists at my campus were wonderful for my entire time there and I really feel as though they deserve recognition for their work. Receptionists are often overlooked yet they are the face of an organisation when someone walks into the building. Besides, my interactions with the receptionists were more than positive; they've done much for me and it was nice to do something for them for a change.

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