Monday, 5 September 2016

Jacob Wetterling

The remains of Jacob Wetterling have been found:

Wetterling was a boy in Minnesota who went missing in 1989. The bright side to this recent development is that his parents now have closure about what happened to their son; the sad part, of course, is that their son was never found alive, as they had long hoped for. I can only imagine what pain they've experienced over the years and how they're feeling now. What has happened to them is beyond horrible, as is, of course, what happened to Jacob himself.

I know about the Wetterling case because I read about it in a Reader's Digest about fifteen or so years ago. Over the years I've checked if there has ever been any news but until now, there hadn't been anything.


  1. I heard about that today, very sad

    1. I agree. I'm just glad for the family that they have closure now.