Sunday, 11 September 2016

Fifteen years

In light of it being fifteen years since the events of September 11th, 2001, I wrote this on Facebook earlier today:

"Fifteen years since 9/11...I think the best way to remember and honor those who died that day is to not use them as an excuse to hate others but to instead use them to encourage understanding and cooperation. Why? Because the 9/11 casualties were themselves victims of hatred; spreading more hatred is not only disrespectful to them but also leads to further deaths and resentment. Does the world not have enough anger already?"

Sadly, 2016 appears to have been an excellent year for hatemongers. I've seen quite a lot of horrible comments online before, of course, but this year has been especially vitriolic. The hate needs to retreat.


  1. I always hate seeing someone say "I learned everything I needed to know about Islam on 911"

    I'm not a big fan of religion, but most Christians would be shocked to learn that Allah is just Arabic for God and that pretty much all the characters in the Bible (in Jesus) are in the Quran. Which means they all worship the same god.

    The quran is pretty much a Persian twist on the bible plus the stuff about Muhammed. The bible is sexist, violent, and has many shocking parts that would not be legal in most countries today. It's not a shock that the quran has similar passages.

    It was only a few centuries ago where Catholics and Protestants kept murdering each other.

    1. I wonder if those same people also generalize the average member of the KKK in the same way. My guess is: "No".

      I've heard the same about two books.