Wednesday, 28 September 2016

More familiar faces

Yesterday afternoon, I went into the city with the primary purpose being to meet up with a close college friend whom I hadn't seen for over two months. She and I met up, went to the pub and spent a few hours catching up. We then started to make our ways back to our respective homes afterwards.

On my way back to my bus, however, I encountered a classmate from Access whom I hadn't seen since February, as unfortunate circumstances had forced him to drop out. He and I had arranged to meet up next week, anyway, but seeing him a week early by chance was a delight in itself. We walked for an hour talking before before I caught a bus back to the city centre rather than spend another hour walking back.

When walking through the market square, I spoke for a couple of minutes to a friend I had made when I went to see Eddie Izzard back in June; she was with another friend, hence the brief encounter, but it was nevertheless a happy occasion to see her, too.

I saw a few other familiar faces: I saw at least two regulars from Rushcliffe Villager 1, someone I saw around Central during both my years, a member of Central's marketing team and someone I'm fairly certain was a classmate from Pre-Access and is now at university herself. Even today, here on NTU's Clifton campus, I encountered a science student who occasionally chatted to me while I was on Access.

Thanks to all those encounters yesterday, the day truly felt as though I were back at Central.


  1. Ahhh how fun running into so many friends while you were out. It sounds like you had a great day!

    1. Thanks, Rebeka; it was truly an awesome day. :)