Tuesday, 5 April 2016

"Support" for Trump

If you thought, based on this post's title, that I was openly endorsing a political candidate in this US presidential cycle, nope! That's not the case here, hence the quotes around "support".

The point of this post is that the other day, I was critical of someone who was expressing their hatred of Americans and American English. In retaliation, the person attempted to deflect criticism via use of a nonsensical irrelevancy in that they called another person and me (both of whom support Democrats, I should note) supporters of 2016 US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The "insult" here made me laugh because it was so ridiculous and because I much preferred it to when trolls attempted to attack me by trivializing non-political demographic groups of which I'm not a member. "Trump supporter" was downright hilarious!


  1. Every-time I see someone with a Trump button, or t-shirt I roll my eyes.

    1. Even during election season here, you only see a few signs from the parties.