Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Money on elections

I have said before that too much money is spent on elections in the United States. I think this is a serious cause for concern for the electorate and people of any political persuasion should be bothered by it. Here is a blatant example from Iowa yesterday:

About $2,800 per vote for Jeb Bush? If he had won the Iowa Caucuses it could have been a justifiable expense but spending $14,000,000 only to come in 6th place with less than 3% of the vote? Those millions could have been spent on something else or even saved to generate money elsewhere. Such a waste. Perhaps now that American voters are becoming less enthused about candidates who attempt to overwhelm their opponents with vast amounts of cash less money will be invested in elections.


  1. It is ridiculous. The GOP has long been bought out by the Koch brothers.

    1. How can anyone claim to be a fiscal conservative when they spend millions on elections?

  2. Eeek, yes! That money should go to homeless and disadvantaged Americans instead!