Thursday, 4 February 2016

In early (4)

For the fourth time in a row, I went early into college on a day off; however, this early arrival was later than usual because the bus I've been taking never materialised. As such, I caught the one that came forty minutes later. When I e-mailed Trentbarton, they replied that the bus had suffered some sort of mechanical failure and stressed that they were sorry for any problem. No worries - I've ridden hundreds of times without issue; this is the first occasion where this has happened and in my experience, Trentbarton are quick at fixing issues.

When I arrived at college it was still not 9:00, which didn't matter today but it was still good to know that even with the delay, I made it before when a class would officially begin. In the library, I finished the assignment I was working on yesterday and started research on my next one.

I promise that this will be the last of the "In early" series...otherwise, every Wednesday and Thursday will consist of the same posts over and over again!


  1. Trying to catch up on all my blog reading :) how are things? Good job getting into college on your day off. How is school going this term???

    1. I was just thinking of you before I saw your comment! :D Thanks! It's going great; I'll send you an e-mail in the coming days. How are you?