Saturday, 14 November 2015

The university open day (2)

I attended the open day at Nottingham Trent University ahead of time, although people were free to appear at any time provided they registered. I went to three talks: one about the Journalism courses, another about student life and the other about university fees. I also went on a tour of a nearby news studio, as a part of the Journalism tour.

All were worthwhile. The fees talk mostly reinforced what I already knew about paying for university and the student life talk provided insight into what life would be like on campus. I am certainly glad I chose to attend the Journalism talk and tour; the speakers gave a detailed taster of what the two courses would be like and I found the tour of the news studio fascinating. Until today, I had never been in a newsroom before so it was interesting to see the set and equipment. The staff and lecturers/tutors were friendly, helpful and informative.

The only two pictures I took during the event were of a slideshow and that was only when the speaker purposely paused the slides to allow the audience to take photographs.


  1. That sounds super interesting. Are you wanting to transfer to Nottingham Trent U?

    1. That's one of the aims of my current college course! :D