Monday, 30 November 2015

Bloggers Blog Party - October 2015

A new selection of pictures for October 2015's Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party post:

Sunday 4th October: This was the afternoon when I made a quick trip to Hucknall and back. This is one of the bays at the Victoria Centre bus station.

Friday 9th October: A morning filled with shining clouds occurred on this day.

Also on this day, the class learnt about plagiarism, although most people in the class were already familiar with the concept and that engaging in it is a bad idea.

Sunday 11 October: This is a rear-facing seat on a Calverton Connection bus. I'm not a fan of rear-facing seats and only sit in them if there are no other seats available on a bus.

Tuesday 13th October: The London skyline, taken during the class trip to the capital. The London Eye is on the left, 30 St Mary Axe (the Gherkin) is in the distant middle and the Shard is on the centre-right.

Thursday 15th October: Something I photographed and posted here before: The Rushcliffe Civic Centre, taken in the late evening.

Saturday 17th October: This is a street in the town of Kimberley, which is near to the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border. Within minutes of my taking this photograph, the clouds darkened the landscape for the rest of the afternoon.

Monday 19th October: Chocolate foods from the college canteen! A couple of my classmates asked if I had purchased enough chocolate treats.

Friday 23rd October: I don't usually photograph garbage but I made an exception in this case because it looked like Michigan, which is, to be fair, an insult to Michigan given that the state is not garbage.

Thursday 29th October: Mum cooked an "early birthday dinner" for me during the half-term break, given that she and my brother would not be with me on my actual birthday.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Andrew! I'll have to visit London at some point!