Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The charity night lady

Back in February, my class held a charity night as a part of our Employability subject. I spent the day at my college itself, even though I didn't have to. On the way back home from college that evening to change before heading out to my event, I sat next to a lady on the bus whom I spoke to as we travelled down a narrow part of the route, which was made narrower when the bus had to squeeze between two cars. We spoke again when I was unsure at which stop I was to depart, as I had taken a slightly different route to the one I usually took at the time; she advised me where I'd be able to leave.

My contact with her for much of the year has been sparse but I've seen her much more since September, mainly because we frequently ride the 4:45 bus together thanks to the bus route changes. In the past couple of weeks, we have talked a little but this evening, we talked from where our route began to where I had to depart, which meant that we were talking for over half an hour. We then exchanged names at the end and mutually felt good for chatting.

I would like to think that I have made a new friend. People on the bus have occasionally spoken to me but she's one of a handful of people I've had a conversation with that's lasted the whole route and one of a smaller group with whom I've had in-depth discussions while travelling. There is a running joke between us about half the ceiling lights on the bus turning off for no reason down the same narrow route where the cars were.

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