Friday, 6 November 2015

Last night's problem

The post I had intended to write last night was disrupted when I encountered a problem, which I urgently needed to fix. Over the past couple of weeks, my class and I have been writing up two assignments, one for History and one for Sociology, with the Sociology paper being due today. The word count for History is 1,000-1,500 whereas Sociology is 1500.

The trouble is, I somehow mixed up the counts and wrote significantly less than 1500 words for my Sociology project. I realised this slightly over an hour before I planned to go to bed and faced the prospect of having to spend a large portion of the night modifying my assignment to meet the count while having an early start the following day, assuming I even went to bed at all. I texted my teacher to inform her that I had spotted my mistake and was in the process of fixing it so that I would still hand it on time.

No sooner had I started my work when my teacher replied and informed me that as the assignment is a simple pass/fail and isn't worth any Merits or Distinctions, it would not be necessary for me to spend the night working. As long as I meet the overall grading criteria, which I am sure I have, my assignment will still be a pass; however, had it been an essay where Merits and Distinctions could be earned, I would have been working on my assignment throughout the night to ensure I achieved those grades. I was lucky for both that and for being able to text my teacher, something students couldn't do in years past.

I was embarrassed that I had made such an avoidable mistake as this. I usually triple- or quadruple-check or more my assignment details, so to have mixed up the word counts for these two shows that I didn't check carefully enough. The positive to this is that I won't make this mistake again - I'll be more vigilant with following the rules of my assignments than I was before. As for my History assignment, it is unaffected by my error and is due next week.

By the end of the morning, my teacher and I were laughing about what happened. I am fortunate that she is an incredibly reasonable person!


  1. You text your teacher even though you were going to work to have the assignment in on time? Oh man, I feel like my teachers would have not been that nice about that haha

    1. I wanted her to know that I had spotted the problem and was on it; I wasn't expecting a reply! I am fortunate that she is a reasonable teacher and person. :)