Friday, 27 November 2015

"Better Together" - Jack Johnson (x3)

Back in the summer, I stumbled upon the "Jondai remix" of Jack Johnson's "Better Together":

I love this song. As bizarre as it sounds, I associate the "Jondai remix" with my bus trip to Mansfield back in September; that journey was the first time I recall listening to the track through my earbuds and now when I listen to it I think of that adventure.

I like two other versions of "Better Together":

This is the "Hawaiian Version". It's the shortest of three I've linked to here and, as indicated by the name, it has a light Hawaiian feel to it. Finally... this link is the original. I thought this version would be the sort of music my grandfather would enjoy; when he listened to it, he indeed liked it and thanked me for recommending it to him. He thought it was gentle and relaxing.

As for Jack Johnson himself, while "Better Together" is the only song of his that I recall hearing, from what I have read much of his music is acoustic and soft rock. "Better Together" comes from his third album, In Between Dreams. Johnson has been active in the music industry since at least 1999.

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