Thursday, 17 September 2015

United States-China environment cooperation

I saw this article posted to President Barack Obama's Facebook page:

I am delighted that the United States and China are both working together to curtail the amount of pollution they each generate. The two nations might disagree on a variety of issues but it pleases me when they find common ground and that good feeling is further increased when it's on an important issue such as the environment.

I tend to dismiss comments that debate whether or not climate change is man-made because I think that reducing pollution is a noble goal in itself. Why would anyone want to live in a toxic world?


  1. Xi is coming to the Microsoft campus on Wednesday of next week and I volunteered to be on the greeting committee. I'm also happy to hear America agreed with China to limit pollution! It's all exciting stuff!

    1. Ooh...does that mean you'll get to meet two presidents? :D ;)