Wednesday, 16 September 2015

"Omen" - Disclosure featuring Sam Smith

This has been my favourite song from this summer:

It's "Omen", by British duo Disclosure, with Sam Smith featuring. The music video is a follow-up to Disclosure's video for the song "Holding On", which features Gregory Porter on the vocals, and the "Omen" video notes a "To be continued" at its end.

This is the second collaboration between Disclosure and Smith, the first being "Latch". "Omen" is by far my favourite song from both artists; while I haven't listened to "Omen" as much for the past couple of weeks, during the summer I heard it on multiple occasions. It's an amazing track.


  1. That song made me sleepy. Watched the republican debate until past my bedtime.

    1. The first debate was "fun" but I think I'll skip the rest! :D