Thursday, 3 September 2015

Safe Iran

I've have stated before that I oppose war against Iran. Nothing will shift me away from that view and the current migrant/refugee situation currently occurring in the Middle East reinforces my position. Iran is a safe and stable country, which has been accepting people fleeing from war-afflicted areas. War with Iran would mean that those people would then have to flee to other countries and Iran itself would be turned into a war-afflicted region, which would then create additional refugees. Further destruction in the Middle East will not solve any problems.

Iran is a heavily armed country, with a strong military and a large cache of weapons. If Iran were to become de-stabilised due to foreign military strikes, ISIS would likely infiltrate the nation and take large swaths of it over, much like it has in Iraq and Syria. Having significant amounts of Iran's military personnel and weapons absorbed into ISIS would be a far more dangerous situation than the current status quo, even more so when Iran is opposed to ISIS and ought to be included in the coalition against it.

Needless to say, anyone who supports war with Iran is terrible at military strategy, as well as a warmonger and a fool.


  1. I agree, Andrew. A lot of the conservatives here have been showing commercials about what would happen if we allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. I see myself as more conservative than liberal, but I disagree with the conservative stance about Iran. We need to leave Iran alone - we should not de-stabilize more of the Middle East. It has already created a bigger mess!

    1. Yep, the mess is big enough already! Not not to mention the needless loss of life and that the US should really be spending money on itself rather than more wars.

      It also annoys me that certain politicians think that their opinions about Iran outweigh the President, other world leaders, the negotiating teams, nuclear experts and even current/former members of the Israeli Defense Forces.

    2. I agree! The US has their own homeless problem as well... that we need to figure out. We need to stop meddling in the Middle East. Yes, we can help them or give advice, but they should figure out and manager their nations on their own.

      Ugh, yes! Well, you know my opinion about that. I think a lot of people take the side of Israel, but we should be listening to Arabs as well. We shouldn't be taking sides, we should be objective and help everyone reach an accord. It's ridiculous.

    3. To "be objective and help everyone reach an accord" - yep, sounds good to me! :)