Sunday, 6 September 2015

Throwing money away

I enjoyed a long walk out in the magnificent weather this afternoon and I'm sure I walked for about 8 miles on the most pleasant day I've experienced for a couple of weeks or more. That, however, is not the most interesting part of my afternoon.

No, the most interesting part was when I spotted a five-pence coin on the ground, situated next to a discarded fast food coffee cup. As I looked around, I noticed a few more coins surrounding the cup and so I collected them; while they were covered with sticky coffee, I used the contents of my water bottle to clean my hand and the coins.

I harboured no inhibitions about picking up those coins: it's obvious that they were discarded when whoever bought the coffee threw it out of their car window. That person was littering and they deserved to lose at least 15 pence doing so. I detest litter.

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