Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Warmer Day

At college, today was the second day of a two-part "Warmer Day". Essentially, it involved students applying coming to the college to learn about their courses, teachers, the campus itself, etc. Four of my classmates were with me. The events we were required to attend lasted from the morning until the early afternoon.

At 1:30, I went upstairs and waited to chat to another batch of new students; however, my services were not required but there was a group of three women who were waiting near me and they were going to chat to another group. They kindly invited me along with them and so we talked to their group, although I didn't say much because two of the three women were doing an excellent job in answering everyone's questions without anyone else's help. Still, it was worth attending.

After that, I underwent an English and Mathematics assessment, which took me less than an hour, for my next course. Once I'd completed all necessary tasks, I departed.