Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Second accommodation visitor(s)

About a month ago, a friend from Central, who is now at the University of Nottingham, came to visit me and another friend on campus. A day later, another friend from Central came to visit but she came to my accommodation. Today, for the first time ever, my mother and brother visited my accommodation.

For the most part, it's been pointless for my brother and mother to visit me; I can visit them anytime and there's not really a lot they can do in my accommodation. We can't exactly chat in depth because my housemates and their friends, plus residents in other buildings of my accommodation, are around.

So why did Mum and my brother come today? Well, I have to move out of my accommodation in July, which is when I'll be staying with Mum and my brother for two months. As such, they needed to look at what I have in my room to see how they can fit it into their house for the time I'm with them. Both were confident we'd be able to do so and my brother stated that I had less in my room than he had expected.

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