Monday, 24 April 2017

Ken Clarke

When I lived with my grandparents during college, the MP for my consituency, Rushcliffe, was Ken Clarke, a Conservative. He initially stated that he was going to stand down in 2020 but since an election was called early, he is running again:

Clarke is probably the only Tory I have any respect for and I am glad he is running again, which is ironic since he's so far the only MP I've voted against. He voted against the activation of Article 50 for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union, which is in line with the wishes of his constituency because Rushcliffe voted 57.6% for Remain. This surprised me on the morning of the result, although it later didn't because Clarke has always been strongly pro-EU and that permeated in Rushcliffe.


  1. He's been serving for quite some time from what I've read. In some elections he's won with a minority. Bit strange there doesn't seem to be runoffs in UK elections.

    1. He's the longest serving member of the current Parliament - over 50 years.

      UK elections are mostly first past the post, so whoever has the most votes wins, minority or majority.