Friday, 14 April 2017

Enough of a chance

So, let's look at three BBC headlines in my newsfeed, all related to the SCROTUS:

1. China is worried about a war between North Korea and the United States, which it says could break out at "at any moment".

2. The United States is currently defending its use of a massive bomb on Afghanistan; this weapon is dubbed the "mother of all bombs".

3. The White House will no longer be publicly disclosing visitor logs.

How many more "chances" does this president need before his supporters (besides the alt-right, who apparently turned against him after he bombed Syria) wake up and realize that they've made a horrendous decision by electing this awful man to President of the United States, as well as then start the process of persuading Congress to remove him from office? "Give him a chance" - how many "chances" are enough?


  1. I wonder if Kim Jong Un realizes he can't win any war without China's help. Luckily things between N Korea and China have been frosty for quite some time. No longer the BFFs they were back in the day.