Friday, 7 April 2017

Another mess in the Middle East

After campaigning against Hillary Clinton and whining that she would bomb more Middle Eastern countries, the current President of the United States has...bombed a Middle Eastern country - Syria. By his standards, he is now the warmonger he accused of her being. Bear in mind that just a few days ago, his administration was saying that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was no longer a priority to "force him out of power" and now they're warmongering.

Perhaps the only change in perspective that was faster was the alt-right's support of the president:

Turns out, a lot of them actually are against US military intervention in other countries. As such, alt-rights have turned against the president, calling him a warmonger and a "neo-con shill". Given that he has broken all other promises he made, it's interesting they chose this one to finally turn against him.


  1. I fear this will be Iraq all over again

    1. Indeed. And that he's receiving adoration for this is sickening. Suddenly caring for Syrians? Take in the refugees!