Sunday, 7 August 2016

Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" - the Eivonjof Tropical Remix

In June 2012, I wrote about Daniel Powter, his 2006 hit, his troubles since then and his recovery. It has occurred to me several times this year that it's now been ten years since "Bad Day" was a huge success on American radio. Unfortunately, since that post of mine, Powter continues to be a one-hit wonder.

This evening, I listened to "Bad Day" as well as had a look for any remix versions of it; the first I found was the Eivonjof Tropical Remix:

Powter hasn't gone away, though; I found these two articles, which note that he is still active and wants to achieve a comeback. I would like to see another huge hit from him but I don't know if it's possible; even if he did achieve something as successful as or more than "Bad Day", I would hate it if he encountered difficulties again or experienced something akin to Robin Thicke, in which his relationship was destroyed and his former image tarnished. We'll have to see; I wish Powter all the best, regardless.

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